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Who are we?

The Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience is a non-profit organization whose main function is to create awareness of the importance and contributions of neuroscience in diverse areas of human endeavor.

THE INSTITUTE FOR COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE is the first non-profit organization founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with the aim of bringing the most advanced and up-to-date research in the area of neuroscience to a wide audience and to promote research in cognitive neuroscience. It has become one of the most important organizations for the dissemination of knowledge of cognitive neuroscience and its impact on areas such as education, mental health and mindfulness, among others. Important alliances have been made with other non-profit, educational, scientific and social organizations in order to continue a sustained and regular curriculum of scientific events with high academic and social impact. Scientific inquiry and interest in neuroscience is the driving force behind every project undertaken by the Institute. Its work has been recognized by local and international media.

Since the beginning, the Institute has been instrumental in bringing together scientists, physicians, psychologists, teachers, artists, meditation practitioners and many other professionals who share a common interest in brain function and anatomy. World renowned neuroscientists have participated as guest speakers on numerous events organized as symposiums, conferences, workshops, retreats and lectures. The Institute has reached hundreds of people and has widen to include many geographical areas where it continues to bring cognitive neuroscience to a diverse population impacting their lifestyles and improving their quality of life. As a leader, it has set high standards for every project with an unwavering regard for sound scientific research and knowledge. The success and recognition attained thus far is due to the Institute's credibility and impact.

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To advance knowledge and inspire lifelong learning through cognitive neuroscience.

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Our team


Mauricio A. Conejo, Ph.D.


Lourdes Lara, Ph.D.


Vicente Simón, M.D.

Paul Fulton, Ed.D.


Jorge R. Reyes, M.D.

Sharon Alvarado

Karla Monslave

José Aponte, M.D.

Alan Juarez Belaunde, M.D.


Michael Macedonio

Leishla Rodríguez​

Camila Matos​

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We envision a society where cognitive neuroscience directly impacts people's lives.

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Our philosophy

THE INSTITUTE FOR COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE, as a non-profit organization committed to its mission and vision statements, has convened to reinvest part of its proceeds into scholarships for those who cannot afford upcoming events and for the development of scientific research projects and training relating to neuroscience.

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